Film selection

Each year, in January, we screen a film and also select the films we want to see in the next annual programme. Members vote on the films they want, picking eleven from a choice of 33. The Committee chooses one additional film so that we have twelve in total. Choices are organised within a number of different genres so that we get a balanced programme.

Members can participate in film selection by recommending films to the Committee for inclusion on the long list of 33. Recommendations are needed by the end of November so that people on the Committee have time to sort out the long list and prepare the relevant posters.

If you want to recommend a film you can email us, leave a suggestion on the web site here, or fill out a form at the next film screening. Please bear in mind that we cannot show films that are longer than 135 minutes and that we try and avoid films that we have screened before.

The running order for 2018/19 as chosen by members at our selection night in January are as follows:

April: The Eagle Huntress
May: Charade
June: El Sur
July: Daughters of the Dust (committee choice)
August: Annie Hall
September: Mostly Martha
October: El Olivo
November: Bridge of Spies
December: Paddington II
January: Bhaji on the Beach
February: Loving Vincent
March: Witness

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