The Peanut Butter Falcon

Teignmouth Film Society is joining together with the CLIFFDEN HOTEL, Teignmouth, for a screening of THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON (U.S.A., 2019) , a prize-winning film about the funny and moving adventures of a young man with Down’s syndrome and his unlikely redneck befriender (Shia LaBoeuf).

Zack Gottsagen plays the young Downs syndrome man who escapes his care home and falls in with a down-at-heel fisherman (Shia LaBoeuf). Zak dreams of meeting his hero, Salt Water Redneck, and joining his wrestling school down in Florida. So begin the adventures of the unlikely pair of outsider-buddies.

The acting is excellent, the setting sometimes bleak, sometimes beautiful. The issues around social attitudes towards those who are different and their life chances are handled with a light touch. There is humour and hurt, danger and delight. The movie leaves you feeling good, without indulging in sentimentality or over-statement. Life is difficult, but good things can happen too…

  • Date: 18/09/2020 7:00 pm
  • Director: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz
  • Actors: Zack Gottsagen, Ann Owens, Dakota Johnson
  • Country: USA
  • Year of Release: 2019
  • Running Time: 1hr 38mins
  • Language: en
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama

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