Data Protection Policy

1. We pledge NEVER to share your personal information with ANYONE, for any purpose

2. You are entitled to see, alter, or require deletion of, the information about you that we hold

3. The Data we hold:

a. If you are a member, this is the data from your membership application form:

i. your name
ii. your address
iii. your telephone number (if you provided it)
iiii. your email address (if you provided it)
v. your membership card number

b. If you are not a member, this is what you give us in order to be on our emailing list:

i. your name
ii. your email address
iii. your phone number if you choose to provide it – NB this would only be used to contact you if we find our emails ‘bouncing’

4. What we do with it:

a. We use your email address ONLY to send:

i. details of upcoming films
ii. membership renewal reminders
iii. film-related information that may be of interest to you, such as news of films to be shown in the Pavilions, Teignmouth

b. We promise never to:

i. send you “Spam” or adverts
ii. share your email address with anyone else
iii. reveal your email address to other members

c. We use your street address ONLY to send:

i. renewal reminders
ii. important information about the Society such as A.G.M. notices

d. We use your phone number ONLY to contact you:

i. if your email address “bounces” our emails back
ii. we need to contact you urgently, E.G. if a film was cancelled

e. We use the membership card number to keep track of how many memberships we have sold

5. We hold this contact information permanently or until you request us to delete it.

6. You may request a copy of all the information we hold about you at any time, and have it deleted or updated if you wish, provided you produce some form of identification to a committee member. (So that we know it’s really you!)

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