The Black Hen

In a remote Nepalese village, Prakash and Kiran, two 12-year-old inseparable friends, despite belonging to different castes, decide to raise a hen to earn some money by selling its eggs. But one day, the hen goes missing. To find it, the embark on a journey, innocently unaware of the dangers incurred by the fragile ceasefire to the civil war rocking the region.

  • Date: 14/04/2023 8:00 pm
  • Director: Min Bahadur Bham
  • Actors: Khadka Raj Nepali, Sukra Raj Rokaya, Jit Bahadur Malla
  • Country: Nepal
  • Year of Release: 2015
  • Running Time: 90 mins
  • Language: Nepali
  • Genre: Drama

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